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December 31, 2017by admin
Some of you that have been down to the brewpub in the last few weeks might have noticed this ugly behemoth taking up a precious parking space.  It’s not the color scheme we would have picked (orange and grey, definitely).  Also we’re not that into the whole industrial look.  But what this storage pod lacks in beauty it makes up for in utility.  You see, in October we installed two new 7 barrel fermenters in our brew house and while that solved one very important problem – not having enough beer for all our thirsty fans to drink – it also created another problem.
Back in 2014 when we acquired the building at 2725 Broadway in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it was much the same layout you see today; patron area on the south side of the building and production primarily on the north side.  We had to move around some interior walls to add beer production as well as food production, but more or less the same.  The one exception to the north/south exclusivity is the walk-in cooler.  If you see lots of employees buzzing in and out of a door next to our ladies room, it is because that door leads to our cramped and well-used office. And breakroom. And storage area. And most significantly, walkway to the walk-in.
The walk-in cooler is only 8′ x 13′ – roughly the size of a large closet in some of the grand old homes just down the way off Old Mill Road.  It worked fine when the building was used as a seafood restaurant throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, storing a few kegs of beer, lots of food and lots of booze.  It even worked okay for us as we were ramping up to our current level of sales.  But now that our patrons’ capacity for consuming Trubble beer has more than doubled from where we started, changes needed to be made.
When these arctic conditions are gone for the year, we’ll add on to our tiny walk-in.  But for now, the storage pod will be the home to some of Trubble Brewing’s finest ales.  It will allow us to keep kegging the beer we make, rather than using our fermentation vessels as storage tanks.  It will also allow us to put more beer in 1/6 barrel kegs or “sixtels,” to sell to bars and restaurants in the area.  If you’d like to see Trubble on tap at your local watering hole, please shoot us a line at and we’ll see what we can do.
Thankfully, in the spring, the pod will be gone and our sense of aesthetics can be restored. But Trubble..well Trubble will be here to stay.
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