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Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of other things which won’t make your life better.



Co-Owner & Head Brewer

“We want to make Fort Wayne a beer community. Let’s go.”  — Chad Hankee

Trubble’s head brewer burst, full-grown, from the beard of beer-brewing aliens.  He has studied humans and can imitate them quite well, however those of us who have spent enough time with “Chankee” know his true nature to be other-worldy. Or maybe he’s just a natural at building things (like Trubble Brewing).  What ever the reasons for his gifts, we are grateful.

Co-owner. Head BrewerCHAD HANKEE


Keli Hankee

Co-owner and General Manager.

Keli is known to the Troublemakers as “Corporate” or “Brew Mom” because of the joy she gets from calling meetings and creating metrics. She also likes training things like horses, dogs and head brewers. When she’s not being a buzz kill, she’s probably either drinking beer (favorite beer style: all the good ones) or spending time with Mother Nature.


Zachary Horton

Brewing Assistant (soon to take over as head brewer at the Broadway location)
Zachary is a California bear native his whole life until recently re-locating to Fort Wayne, IN and hiring on in the Trubble brewhouse. Zachary worked for Rough Draft Brewing out of San Diego as well as a family run brewery in San Diego called Stumble Foot Brewing. He did like surfing and sun in Cali until moving here mid winter and now he’s getting used to the cold and snow.

Dave Steffen

Kitchen Shift Supervisor

Dave’s love of cooking was cultivated from a young age by parents who encouraged creativity in the kitchen. As a lifelong resident of the ’07, the news that Trubble Brewing would be opening in his neighborhood filled him with excitement and ambition. He joined the Trubble team in April 2016. Dave is an ardent Liverpool FC supporter and he loves good pizza, good IPAs, and good (or bad) dogs.


Cortney DeVinney-Stoner

Lead Kitchen Management and ruler of all things food.
Cortney is a kitchen ninja.  Her specialty is elevating fan favorite foods into something unique and delicious.  In addition to cooking, her interests include dreaming of bear chases (car chases with bear drivers), wearing coats indoors, and is an amateur fire-fighting enthusiast.  She is probably playing “Weekend at Bernie’s” in her head at any given moment, and she really respects a freshly-pressed pair of chinos.

Tawny Dile

Lead Bartender

Tawny is our new lead bartender but bartending is not new to her. Come in and see her for a cold pint of beer.


Benjamin Roney

Distribution Manager

Benjamin is a life-long food enthusiast, and has made a concerted effort to avoid chains whenever possible, wherever he traveled across the country, and the past decade or so has developed a deep appreciation for those small “Mom and Pop” places that cooked from scratch like he, his mother, and grandmother always did. When Trubble moved into the neighborhood, he was overjoyed to have locally sourced food within walking distance of home…the fact that they brewed their own craft beer was just a bonus. Trubble has certainly helped him expand his palate, and he’s gained an appreciation for the many different styles of craft beer that are out there. He is the sales and distribution coordinator and excited to be a part of the growth, and spreading the Trubble Beer love across the Region!

Jenna Turpin

Art Curator

Jenna Turpin is our art curator for Trubble Brewing. Please contact her at:

phone: 260.267.1669

e-mail: jenna@trubblebrewing.com


Cameron “Cheeze“ Edgington

Front of House Management

Cheese first started as a server at Trubble Brewing a little under 2 years ago. After a few months serving, he moved from working the floor to pouring beers behind the bar. While behind the bar, he began to develop an appreciation for craft beer. Although he is not a brewer himself, he is known to drop some hops on occasion. Shortly after he began bartending, he decided to give the FOH management position a shot, and has been sticking with it ever since. In his free time he enjoys crate digging, skateboarding and long, long walks on the beach wearing his G-string thang.

Back of House crew from left to right

Chancey “Potsie“Chilling, Mike Brady, Cortney Stoner, Dave Steffen, Phil Birchfield

Front of House serving crew (some of them anyway, some don’t like their picture taken

Jenna, Shanel, Kaylee, and Tawny